As we transition into a society driven by social media, some within the recruiting and human resource profession are questioning the unique value proposition for executive recruiters as social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook become increasingly popular recruitment tools.


An article by Adrian Kinnersley called Why Recruiters Will Be at the Heart of Our Corporate Future explains, quite convincingly, why there will always be a place for retained search firms such as Capstone.  At Capstone, we provide a holistic and book end process for the staffing needs of our clients. Almost 20 years of experience working with client companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations has taught us that by aligning a client’s organizational structure with the organization’s strategic goals positions us to dramatically influence the efficiency and eventual outcome of these strategic initiatives.   Beyond just filling key roles on a client’s team, our external perspective can often help identify solutions that those too close to the problem cannot see, resulting in more robust outcomes.  This approach, coupled with our ability to find and evaluate passive candidates that poses both exceptional EQ and IQ talent, adds significant value to an organization beyond the simple upfront cost savings that social networking tools may bring to the recruiting process.