The 360° – Before we search we listen:

We have a history of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We approach every search with a 360° review site visit to dive deep into the role itself and to interview every key stakeholder affected by this role. We want to understand and to be able to accurately communicate your culture. We use validated tools to determine what personality will excel at this unique role and will be most effective in your culture. During our 360° process we gain valuable insight into your team dynamics, organizational performance metrics, how this individual will be measured, your market reputation, and your competitors. In some cases clients actually find that what they thought they needed and what they actually need both evolve during this process. We use this process to build congruency in your organization and in most cases it will improve the timely and efficient outcome of a search.

We Collaborate, Analyze and Research:

Following the 360° process, we draft your position profile, including our understanding of the organization and the role, the challenges ahead, the required core competencies, and characteristics required. More than a traditional position description, the profile is also a key tool to ensure congruency with all stakeholders.  The position profile ensures that the role has been defined accurately and that we have created a tool that will effectively communicate the opportunity to our combined target audience. Business intelligence is a critical component of successful retained searches. We carefully assess the industry, the company, the culture, leadership and the role to determine the most effective and efficient search strategy.  We are looking for passive candidates that are gainfully employed and highly effective in their current roles.  We do not visit old databases to get you the number #2 candidate from a previous search, but in partnership with you, we actively recruit and educate prospects on why your role may make perfect sense for them personally and professionally.

We Communicate:

We communicate with you frequently and provide written weekly status reports on every search. We consult with you frequently throughout the process, sharing marketing information, giving you a snapshot of which companies we are targeting, who we are talking to at those companies, what roadblocks we are experiencing and when we need your help.   We strive to create a true partnership with you and to provide you with the added benefit of market knowledge that we gain during our search process. A critical difference in working with Capstone is that our team leader that works with you during the 360° process will be the senior member of our team who sees it through to a successful end. That leader completely understands the role and will present the opportunity, the company and team as if they worked directly for you.  This intimate knowledge ensures that your company and this role are professionally represented and properly branded in the market.

We evaluate each candidate based on Multiple Touch Points:

Once we have identified potential candidates we use several methodologies to evaluate the fit and their ability to impact your organization.  We conduct case and traditional interviews with every candidate multiple times, with several members of our team.  We utilize a proprietary on-line survey to compare each candidate’s personality attributes to your input for the same tool for this specific role.  In partnership with you, we custom design a case study and presentation to be delivered by the top candidates that will be analogous to many aspects of the role.  After we complete preliminary references, we continue to gain insight from written secondary and tertiary references.   We also look at less obvious indicators such as how other members of our staff or local realtors were treated by candidates during the normal course of business.  We call these “touch points” and they are as critical as every other component of our due diligence.

Transition, Relocation support and On-boarding: 

We manage all of the logistics, setting up initial phone interviews and site visits, candidate references, local area tours, and visits with school superintendents and clergy.  We work hard to include the entire family in the search process from the initial contact, educating candidates and spouses on the local market, schools, real estate and the community.  We can provide expertise and guidance on selecting your interview team and format and interviewing best practices.   Once a candidate has been hired we stay in touch with you and with them at 60, 90 and 180 day intervals to ensure a smooth transition and open communication on any residual items.  During this time we can assist in establishing performance metrics and targeted objectives.  We are also available to revisit with you after 100 days to provide an independent assessment of the onboarding process.


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