PI is a powerful set of tools and process that utilizes Behavioral Assessment. At the core of the process is the Predictive Index (PI) assessment tool, which identifies the motivations and drives of candidates and can do the same for all of your employees. Once we have determined that a candidate has the EQ, education, experience and functional skills, PI provides unique insight in finding the best fit between a person’s natural ability to do the job and the culture of the organization. During a search, this insight can also provide us with invaluable information for efficient candidate selection, and accurate criteria for focused referencing.

PI systematically provides invaluable insight into employee retention, long-term talent management, leadership development, team performance and more.  In addition to the PI survey, another essential part of the PI process is the Pro, which provides the ideal behavioral requirements needed for optimal job performance.  Combined together, these two tools ensure a highly accurate match of your requirements to each candidate’s potential.

We would be happy to introduce your organization to this valuable tool.