Working with emerging and start-up organizations is our strength and definitely our sweet spot. We have over twenty years of experience building technical and leadership teams in emerging high tech companies. We have coached CEO’s and investment professionals on what works and what doesn’t in a start up and how to build highly productive teams.

Perhaps one of the most influential factors in determining the success or failure of a prospective investment in any start up is that of the team and leadership. Our senior team utilizes the same due diligence and process that we would use on any new critical hire. We will provide you will individual competency assessments and team and position compatibility combining both case and personality survey tools. We will provide you with a cost effective overview of the team’s strength and weakness and their potential to succeed. Research shows that specific personality characteristic combinations have a greater probability for team success than others. Some achieve complimentary productivity where others are unable to achieve their goals and succeed.

With an interest in continuing to develop partnerships with venture capital and private equity organizations we offer a fee based service to evaluate the human capital of a potential investment, working in compliment with financial and IP due diligence.

Human Capitol is the most relevant factor in determining your investment success.