With an evolving job market and increased competition, employers and recruiters are beginning to look at additional metrics when filling coveted positions.  As Forbes discusses in Personal Branding in the Future Workplace: A Crucial Skill for Employees and Recruiters Alike, it now takes more than intelligence alone for one to set themself apart in today’s employment pool.  In a crowded job market, one way for candidates to stand out is by creating a strong personal brand for themselves, meaning expanding their online and professional networks as well as developing the ability to sell themselves to potential employers.  Many colleges and universities have begun mentoring students on the importance of personal branding, especially top business schools, whose graduates face intense competition in the job market.  With competition for jobs with top companies expected to remain high in the coming years, a candidate’s personal brand will continue to be an important factor in the search process and something potential job seekers should look to establish and build upon.