As a start-up or restart, you face many  business challenges around human capital and building effective teams. Because so many young organizations can be financially constrained, a senior Human Resource professional is rarely seen sitting at the table and yet this is perhaps the time when that expertise is most critical. We pride ourselves on providing you with a laser focus on building successful teams and hiring only the best and the brightest for your business while acting as an extension of your leadership team.

Whether you are a VC looking to ensure that you maximize your investment or a C level founder looking to build a team that can lead you to commercialization and beyond, Capstone excels in this capacity. We will work with you to understand your business objectives and develop a holistic organization plan to ensure your success. We are so confident in our ability to successfully partner with you and to build highly successful teams that we have been accepting client equity for remuneration since our inception. Successful clients have completed public offerings and others have been acquired by strategic partners (including  Xerox, Pitney Bowes, Activision, Danaher, Chart Industries and others).   We offer cash constrained, early-stage clients a variety of billing options in addition to co-investing.

Our top priority is building long-term relationships with our clients and investing in the future of our region and our country.