Capstone serves a diverse range of industry sectors, including automotive, heavy manufacturing, materials and energy. Our technical roots and understanding of the product life cycle from product definition to delivery create a significant advantage in the search process. We have conducted national and international searches in this sector across the sales and marketing, engineering and manufacturing functions. Today more then ever these organizations are utilizing productivity tools introduced over the last few decades as best practices including Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, KanBan.

Our founder has held senior roles in manufacturing, engineering and quality.   This exposure provides Capstone with a unique perspective on DFM, the product development tollgate process, and world class manufacturing methodologies. As more and more manufacturing demand returns to the United States, we have been called on to rebuild these organizations for our Corporate and emerging technology clients.

The labor pool in these markets is highly competitive and our clients are consistently challenged to identify and recruit thought leaders that will return dominance to this sector by penetrating global markets, cultivating supply chains, and improving products and processes without sacrificing value. Identifying and recruiting these skill sets are key strengths of our technical practice.