Human capital fuels an organization’s success in the global economy. While the marketplace is perceived to be flush with talent, the reality is that finding the talent that can move a business to the far right on the continuum of success requires a dedicated effort. The approach and process to identify this talent should not be transactional it should be transformational. At Capstone, we strive to be more than just an extension of your recruiting effort. We spend hours immersing ourselves in your organization, earning your trust as a strategic partner and ensuring that we integrate the input of every stakeholder into our 360° process.

Our initial goal is to reach a common understanding on desired outcomes for each hire and to build congruency in the team between ideal candidate attributes and the strategic goals of the organization. Every participant in our 360° process plays an active role in framing the foundation for the search. The desired outcome is to help you closely align your entire organization with your business strategies and initiatives. Our objective is to identify and recruit world-class talent that will help you achieve best of class results. Our process is simple: thorough and original research, zero compromises on our due diligence, and to focus on the results that will deliver long-term benefits that will provide you with advantage in the global marketplace.

Original Research:
We have never relied on an internal database of previous candidates nor do we post postions in the public domain. We believe in original research, which means we listen to what you need and then we scour the market for an exact fit. Because we help build business holistically, we do not get caught in the “hands off” conflicts that face both firms in niche industries and national firms  having standing relationships with large employers that limit your access to the best and the brightest talent. We identify gainfully employed prospects that are happy where they are, and are key contributors in their current organizations. As passive candidates, many do not have resumes but for a variety of reasons they take our call and are open to hearing about your compelling opportunity. You have educated us so well that in most cases these professionals think we are an extension of your own human resource team. This intimate knowledge builds immediate credibility with prospects as we build our initial relationship.

Due Diligence and why “touch points” are so telling:
We believe that “touch points” are critical to a successful hire. The more we have an opportunity to interact with a candidate the more we can mitigate risk for this new hire. Typical candidates may have as many as three phone or Skype conversations with us and at least one face to face meeting before they are presented. We use a combination of chronological and behavioral interview techniques, seeking the best possible blend of functional and organizational skills. We utilize an industry best of class behavioral survey to ensure that we see the whole picture, the person behind the interviewee. We do primary and secondary references to get in depth perspectives on skill and cultural fit. Most importantly, we utilize and evaluate every opportunity we have to interact with prospects from making travel arrangements, to engaging local realtors for area tours, to observing how they conduct themselves during day to day calls into our office. The more we access the real person when they are not “on stage,” the more informed decision we can help you make.

We hire as if we are hiring for ourselves.