Why Recruiters Will Be at the Heart of Our Corporate Future

As we transition into a society driven by social media, some within the recruiting and human resource profession are questioning the unique value proposition for executive recruiters as social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook become increasingly popular recruitment tools.


An article by Adrian Kinnersley called Why Recruiters Will Be at the Heart of Our Corporate Future explains, quite convincingly, why there will always be a place for retained search firms such as Capstone.  At Capstone, we provide a holistic and book end process for the staffing needs of our clients. Almost 20 years of experience working with client companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations has taught us that by aligning a client’s organizational structure with the organization’s strategic goals positions us to dramatically influence the efficiency and eventual outcome of these strategic initiatives.   Beyond just filling key roles on a client’s team, our external perspective can often help identify solutions that those too close to the problem cannot see, resulting in more robust outcomes.  This approach, coupled with our ability to find and evaluate passive candidates that poses both exceptional EQ and IQ talent, adds significant value to an organization beyond the simple upfront cost savings that social networking tools may bring to the recruiting process.

Capstone Named March 2013 Partner of the Month by TVHS

Capstone is proud to be named  Partner of the Month for March 2013 by Tech Valley High School, joining the likes of GE, Momentive, and M&T Bank as companies within the region who have held this distinction.  The following excerpt from the TVHS web site describes the school’s partnership with Capstone.

“Capstone has been involved in Tech Valley High School® since its inception and Amy Johnson has chaired the school’s Business Alliance from the start. She has used her organization’s knowledge and connections with high tech partners to help recruit volunteers and work sites for curriculum connections and student field work. With Capstone’s help, more than150 representatives from these groups are recruited each year to volunteer their time and expertise to the school. Through these efforts Capstone is setting the stage to ensure the region has a qualified and ready workforce for many years to come. Amy’s countless volunteer hours and those of the partners she and her company recruit set the stage for students to learn the value of giving back to the community that supports them.”

Tech Valley High School Forms Partnership with CNSE

Tech Valley High School announced this week they have partnered with the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at SUNY Albany and plan to relocate in CNSE for the 2014-15 school year.  This strategic location will give Tech Valley High’s students exposure to the world’s largest nanotechnology facilities as well as professional development from first-class teachers and mentors.  Capstone President Amy Johnson sits on the board of directors at TVHS and offered these thoughts regarding the partnership, “I am extremely proud to have been a part of Tech Valley High since it’s inception in 2007.  The move to the School of NanoScale Science and Engineering is extremely significant in the path to building a true co-learning environment for our students with the Business Community.  Our new location will not only provide huge benefits to the students of our own High School but it will also serve as a model for other high schools in our region, across the state of New York and across the Country for STEM education and project based learning.”


Tech Valley High School was founded in 2007 with the goal of developing within their students the skills necessary to succeed in college and tomorrow’s workforce.  While an emphasis is placed on math, science, and technology, classes are also taught in arts, foreign language and other disciplines ensuring students receive a well-rounded education.   For more information on Tech Valley High School, please visit www.techvalleyhigh.org.

CEG 2013 Technology Innovation Awards

The Center for Economic Growth has released the application for the 17th annual Technology Innovation Awards, which honor the region’s most innovative and growth-oriented companies and individuals.  Last year’s winners included GE, Ener-G-Rotors, and CMC Kuhnke. CEG is committed to fostering economic growth throughout the Capital region and Tech Valley by offering business development strategies to local companies as well as attracting technological investment throughout the region.  As this is an open application process, both individuals and companies are encouraged to apply at www.ceg.org.

Capstone Completes Two Mid-level Management Searches for Tech Valley Clients

Capstone recently completed searches with two longstanding, valued partners in the capital region.  Our firm teamed with CMC-Kuhnke, a leading developer of metrology equipment for the canning industry, to identify a seasoned professional for the new role of International Sales Manager.  As an integral part of CMC’s high performance sales and service team, this position will play a crucial role in the company’s continued growth.  Capstone also partnered with Mohawk Paper, a leading developer of premium grade specialty paper, in a search for the newly created role of Director, Public Relations.  We wish both Mohawk Paper and CMC-Kuhnke continued success and look forward to the opportunity to partner with them in the future.

Personal Branding Becoming a Crucial Skill

With an evolving job market and increased competition, employers and recruiters are beginning to look at additional metrics when filling coveted positions.  As Forbes discusses in Personal Branding in the Future Workplace: A Crucial Skill for Employees and Recruiters Alike, it now takes more than intelligence alone for one to set themself apart in today’s employment pool.  In a crowded job market, one way for candidates to stand out is by creating a strong personal brand for themselves, meaning expanding their online and professional networks as well as developing the ability to sell themselves to potential employers.  Many colleges and universities have begun mentoring students on the importance of personal branding, especially top business schools, whose graduates face intense competition in the job market.  With competition for jobs with top companies expected to remain high in the coming years, a candidate’s personal brand will continue to be an important factor in the search process and something potential job seekers should look to establish and build upon.