We believe people are a company’s biggest asset.


Our Company

” With over 40 years of  industry experience in retained search our client relationships are measured in decades and our work product, process and results provide potential clients with the most accurate references.   We are an agile boutique firm with a global reach and have an industry leading track record in the percentage of candidates that receive and accept offers.”

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Our Approach

” Our 360° process, original research, case study, behavioral assessments and extensive interviewing separate us from our peers in a crowded market.  Imagine a process that provides your hiring team with as close to a real on-boarding experience as possible, mitigating the risk of an unproductive hire and ensuring an accurate functional and cultural fit before you make an offer.”

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Our Philoshopy

” We utilize best of class practices in every assignment as if we are hiring for our own firm.   Most importantly we choose quality over quantity in the number of engagements we accept at one time.  This is as straightforward as it gets for us at Capstone.  We believe that people are your biggest asset and that talent acquisition should be our mutual #1 priority.”

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